Sudamine in newborns: causes and remedies

The skin of newborns is very delicate so, especially when the climate is very hot, skin rashes can occur. In this case, it is a very frequent disorder in children in the first months of life called miliaria or sudamina. If your child is also subject to it keep reading because in the following paragraphs we will tell you what you can do in case of sudamine in newborns. First, however, let’s understand together what the causes are.

Causes of Sudamine or Milaria in Infants

Sudamine manifests itself through the many red pins or papules that form in various parts of the newborn’s body. These papules can be of various sizes and in some cases can even take on the appearance of blisters filled with water or white liquid. The size and shape of the bubbles obviously also depend on the severity of the disorder. In the most serious cases there can also be itching and pain. If the child tends to scratch and break the vesicles, the side effects can be inflammation and irritation very annoying.

The cause of sudamine is actually very simple. It is caused by the child’s own sweat which, due to the immaturity of the child’s skin, tends to be retained by the sweat glands, causing redness, bubbles and sometimes itching and pain.

For this reason, therefore, the miliaria occurs especially in summer or in any case in conjunction with a hot, humid climate. The areas in which bubbles tend to appear most are the face, arms, armpits, inguinal region, thighs and chest. In practice, the parts of the body where the skin is more delicate or tends to be more covered.

How to prevent sudamine

The best way to prevent your child from suffering from sudamine is to adopt proper prevention. The paediatrician will be able to give you all the right advice, but in general you can also follow the suggestions below:

  • Dress your child in light clothing and natural fabrics, especially cotton;
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight and discover as much as possible the skin of the newborn discovered when it is very hot;
  • Keep your home and the rooms where the baby is staying at a comfortable temperature, not too high or too low, often ventilating;
  • Avoid exposing your baby to the sun’s rays and always use a cream with high sun protection in case of exposure;
  • Clean your baby’s skin every day using mild soaps or even better, rice starch or colloidal oats that also have a high refreshing power.

What to do in case of a milestone in children

In addition to prevention, what can be done when sudamine has already appeared? The first thing to say is that, in general, a milestone attack lasts a maximum of 48 hours, so once the bubbles have appeared, they tend to regress on their own within a few days.

However, in some cases, if there is itching and the baby scratches, the blisters can break and become infected, worsening the situation. In these situations it is necessary to ask the paediatrician for advice about a soothing cream of papules to use. If the itching is particularly intense and there is an infection, your doctor may also prescribe a cortisone cream.

In addition to this, it is also useful to follow the instructions on prevention given in the previous paragraph, in particular to wash and cleanse the skin of the child every day with appropriate products.

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