How to remove the diaper in 7 days

Is your baby ready to take off his diaper and try to stay without it? How to understand that it’s time to switch to the potty? Undoubtedly every baby has its own time: generally the first signs that the baby is ready occur between 18 and 24 months, but someone may not be ready before 30 months. However, according to paediatricians, the child cannot develop the ability to feel the stimulus and retain it before 18 months. When the baby starts to show interest in poop and pee and the diaper often stays dry, you can start taking off the diaper. Let’s see how to do it in 7 days.

How do I start? First of all it is good to have a lot of patience, because even if the child seems to have gotten used to the idea of being without a diaper, he could take steps backwards. It will not be easy, it will not be fast and sometimes when you are ready to sing victory the child may suffer a regression or face small problems … just in the worst moments.

The second advice is to leave the house, well organized, with a change of clothes, towels and everything that will be useful and not without having “mapped” the area where you are to find out where the nearest bathroom is.

Finally, remember that the approach with the potty should never be strict and rigid, and the child must get used to the idea of devoting time to his needs and therefore it is important to establish a routine, but also have available games and books to have fun when he is on the potty.

1 day

The type of potty is important: for us mothers a potty can be the same as the other, but for the child the color, the material, the design can make a real difference. Go out together to buy the potty and let him choose the one he prefers. You could also opt directly for a toilet reducer. Place the potty in the bathroom, let the child play with it and explain what it is for.

Day 2

You can start by removing the diaper during the day, of course, the child will not learn immediately that he must run on the potty when he feels the urge, but over time will get used to being free from the diaper and then adapt to the right time. Then remove the diaper, let him stay free as much as possible and show him the potty and the bathroom. It is likely that you will spend a lot of time cleaning him on the floor and cleaning him, but it will help him a lot to perceive his needs. In the evening and at bedtime, put your diaper back on.

3 days

Organize the schedules because it is important to create a routine to go to the bathroom regularly.

This way your child will learn how to include their needs in their daily activities. The perfect routine is: in the morning, mid-morning, after lunch, in the afternoon and before going to bed.

4 days

Get out of the house. Organize a bag with a change of clothes, wet wipes, waterproof sheets for the car seat. As a first exit go to the playground near the house and when you get there immediately think about the local distance from the bathrooms. Ask your child several times if he or she should pee. And if it gets wet, don’t get angry, it’s normal.

5 days

To make the potty more attractive it is better to give the child a little game to play while sitting or a colorful book to leaf through to fool the waiting. Even if your child gets dirty and there are “accidents” along the way you should not give in to the temptation to return to the diaper: the feeling of dirt and wet helps the child to feel the need to go to the bathroom.

It is important to have appropriate reactions when the child can hold back and not exaggerate with discontent when he fails.

6 days

The time has come to involve the teachers, the nanny and the grandparents in this important project. Provide them with all the things they may need, such as changing clothes, wipes, etc. If the child has an older brother or sister, involve him or her too, it could be of great help.

7 days

After 7 days without a diaper, between an accident and a success, the de-pollution operation can be said to be over. This does not mean that the child can not have some accident on the way and especially that he is ready to do without the diaper at night.

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