How often to change a diaper for a baby?

Newly-made mothers who recently gave birth to their first child are terrified of doing something wrong and inadvertently harming the baby. You want to raise healthy, happy, and active children, and therefore, surround them with care and attention. And since the change in disposable diapers is an integral part of caring for small children, many parents quite reasonably have feelings and doubts about whether they often change diapers.

Today there are no strictly established norms in which it would be written, after how long it is necessary to change the diaper. However, it is imperative to take into account the child’s age and how often he has urination and bowel movements.

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How often to change diapers in newborns?

How often to change diapers in newborns?

Babies are considered to be babies from birth until they turn 28 days old. Moreover, this neonatal period is divided into two stages:

  • early neonatal period, which approximately lasts from the 1st to the 7th day of the baby’s life;
  • late neonatal period, which begins on the 7th day of life and ends on the 28th day.

Each of these stages of the little man has its characteristics and directly affects how many times his diapers will have to be changed by his parents.

The thing is that it is in the first week of the baby’s life that he adapts to the extrauterine existence. Therefore, parents need to be prepared for the fact that the child will have frequent urination (standard – 15-20 times in bitches).

Also, it is in the early neonatal period (approximately from the 1st to the 5th day) that the child’s body is freed from meconium, and only with the appearance of breast milk in the mother does his stool begin to improve. Thus, while caring for the baby, the diaper will have to be changed more often than for older children.

In the late neonatal period, frequent urination in the newborn is also observed (up to 20 times a day), but the child’s body has already got rid of the first feces, and stool is starting to improve. And therefore, if you ask any pediatrician about how often to change diapers in newborns, he will answer that you need to do this every two to three hours.

Many diapers that are designed for newborns have special indicator strips. They indicate to parents that it is time to make a replacement. If there is no such indicator, it is recommended to spend a hand every hour on the inner surface of the diaper, and if it is wet, then immediately remove it from the child. In this case, one must not forget to regularly wash the baby and give his delicate skin a break from the diaper.

Also, do not be scared if the process of excretion in a newborn occurs after each breastfeeding – this is considered the norm. But if this happened, then you must remove the diaper and wash the baby.

How many times to change a diaper for babies from a month?

Each mom needs to understand that the older her child becomes, the fewer times he will need to relieve himself. Of course, it will not be possible to accurately calculate this, because there are individual characteristics of the organism, but there is still some dependence.

From the table, you can see that at the age of up to 3 months, pediatricians recommend changing the diaper every 3-4 hours and do this even if it is not yet full. And all because the skin of young children is very delicate, and prolonged exposure to diapers can cause diaper rash and discomfort.

At the age of 3 to 6 months, a diaper can be changed for a child even after a five-hour stay in it. But this does not mean that you can keep the baby in full diapers – this can never be done under any circumstances.

As for children of one year old, their parents usually no longer have questions about changing diapers, because they already know the needs of their child and the features of their body, so the change is carried out as necessary.

Do I need to change diapers at night?

Many executive parents, remembering that the diaper needs to be changed every three hours, regularly carry out such manipulations with the child even at night. However, doctors do not recommend this if the diaper is not full, the skin is dry, and the baby is sleeping calmly. In cases where the diaper is full or if something is uncomfortable for the child, you should carefully replace it.

Caring for newborns is a very painstaking and responsible task, but disposable diapers greatly simplify the life of modern parents who can only carefully monitor their baby. Regularly changing diapers, caring for delicate skin, and observing the rules of intimate hygiene, mothers will save both themselves and the child from unnecessary feelings and suffering.

How many times have you changed diapers for your baby? Share your experience in the comments – it will be invaluable to parents!

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